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With more than 40 years of combined experience in the entertainment industry, this dynamic duo is pure showmanship; They find the fun in fund.



We get to know your team, your audience, and your cause. And not just because we’re friendly like that. But because it’s how we help you reach and exceed your goals. We’ll chat you through our very own Primer of Prizes—what sells [and doesn’t] in the benefit fundraising environment. We’ll help you ID Your VIP to get the right folks in your bidding audience. We’ll coach you through theTheatrical Tada’s and Don’t’s of a stellar, smoothly-flowing show.

And Gee Willikers, do we know the non-profit model… In our forty-some-years’ association with non-profits, we’ve tried a little of everything in the development and fundraising realm. Ultimately, what we know is: we work best for you when we become ambassadors for your mission, so let’s powwow.





Bringing with him a diverse background in performing and brand development, Duke Domingue combines the best of these skills in a novel, chip-off-the-new-block way. He’s a real character, with a real understanding of the rhythm, the flow… the ephemeral musicality of your entire event. [OK, so maybe that’s gilding the lily a little, BUT] don’t be surprised by an unprecedented level of excitement and participation; Duke the Auctioneer, delivers a performance that commits like an evangelist. He ain’t shy.

And Bird Bartlett? Well, he never met a stranger. Drawing on his skills as fundraiser and Marketeer Extraordinaire, he’ll get to know your donors with a casual ease. But after the bidding starts, he’s a one-man pep rally.

How it all works

the Auctiontainment equation

Who are these guys?

Two Men

fast & curious

Better than the Olsens; Like Romulus and Remus with a gavel.

Live auction is the ultimate live theatre. It’s just like an improv… the audience is a character that has no idea where the script is going next. You’ve got to lead them. They want you to lead them. It’s personal. It becomes increasingly emotional for them. Seemingly effortless selling happens when you can reduce it to its impulse-driven core. THAT’S the white-hot moment of the auction process.


When staging a fundraising event you’ve got specific goals which fuel each other; educate, entertain and earn.

Your donors already embrace a philanthropic spirit— they’re invested in your cause. You share common goals, so seize the opportunity to strengthen their commitment. Believe it or not, even a dressed-to-the-nines-champagne-and-caviar gala can be a low-pressure, less formal sandbox to castle-build with your benefactors—schmooze, and schelebrate. Then, when the last of the roast beef has been carved and the final oyster, Rockefeller’d, the stage is set. It’s time to get down to the business we call “show.” With the metaphorical curtain up, the act opens. Donors are immediately swept into the spotlight; you’ve cast them as co-stars toward the fulfillment of your mission. By engaging your supporters in a unique way that applauds them, they’ve become an active part of your fundraising; you’ve granted them equal billing. They recognize that it’s dependent upon their contribution and participation. Your success is theirsuccess. They’ll work towards it, and have a good time to boot. So even if the Prime Rib isn’t… their enjoyment is forever connected to the organization.

It’s letting human emotions work for you.

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